Omnibus update

Quite a lot has happened since the first post below, and updating this news section slipped.  So, a few things:

-- We have solidified what our first "product" will be. There will be four simple tools, each working with the others, and a data backend, that together will create a platform for community action. The website has been restructured to reflect this, with the section under "platform" more or less wholly reconfigured.

-- We have continued extending our partnerships, current and potential. We spoke to Amandla.Mobi, who are building a campaigning platform, and I was fortunate enough to visit India and meet the Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, and Awaaz.De. More in the next post.

-- Our newsletter is now active. The February and March editions are both out. There's a subscribe form under "Take Action", and the previous letters are here and here.

-- A bunch of housekeeping and set up has been done. We now have a Facebook page and Twitter account. You can connect to them using the buttons at the bottom of the page. We also have our financial infrastructure almost in place, including a Paypal account with a linked donation button. That's also up under "Take Action".

In the next few weeks we'll be accelerating into product development. That means a Github repository sometime soon, as well as wireframes and prototypes and such.

-- Luke