Open wires

We're continuing to put little pieces in place. As of now, that means mock-up dialog menus for the SMS/USSD interface, and wireframes for the smartphone app.  The former will be built first, so it's a bit further along. The point, though, is they're open and online here.

Since we'll be building all our tools open source, we've started setting up public "repositories" -- for the non-technical, that means online folders that will store our code, working docs, and so on. They're at GitHub -- who were kind enough to give us an organization account for free, under their non-profit program.

Once we start coding, there'll be a repository holding the work-in-progress. For now, we've set up one just for the UX (= user experience), which means some user flow diagrams, some powerpoints that mock-up menus, and some (very initial, very rough, probably bad) wireframes.

In fact, it's all pretty raw -- building open source turns out to mean ... openness, warts and all. But it's started now, and, if anyone does take a look, we'd always love to hear feedback ... We're also about to get that in the field, with a series of user testing events over the next week.