Into the GovLab

Fantastic news. We've been admitted to the GovLab Academy, for an eight week online coaching program on citizen engagement. It'll be led by Beth Noveck, who headed the White House's Open Government Initiative, and Tiago Peixoto, all-round guru on tech and participatory government, from the World Bank. The GovLab itself is based out of NYU (though with most academy programs online), and is one of the principal centres of research and practice in open, participatory, and innovative governance.

So we'll have some of the best mentoring and coaching around, as we head into the next two months of development. We've started some user testing of our dialogs and wireframes, and initial coding is starting as well -- and we're already running into issues large and small, from subtle balances in the dynamics of small groups, to just how to get the phone numbers connected to the groups in the simplest way possible.

In all, participation in this coaching program couldn't be better timed -- something we're immensely grateful for. Our thanks to GovLab, and the course sponsors, the Knight Foundation!