15 000 users on the Grassroot platform

We have recently started with phase two of the Grassroot ambassadorship. Having learnt from our mistakes and victories, we have again gathered the most community focused youths to be part of our ambassadorship.

They hit the ground running from the beginning introducing the application to various groups such as stokvels, burial societies, church congregations, educational institutions and their own community groups. So far in the four weeks that they have been working they have added close to 1000 people on the system and 20 groups have started to actively use the Grassroot app to call meetings. The ambassadors play the dual role of being community members who are easily approachable whilst being knowledgeable Grassroot informants.

The organizations we work with have been excited for us to work with their group members because they understand that we are also interested in empowering the communities and that is why we also reimburse our ambassadors. They simultaneously get more of their own members added into their groups, whilst also unintentionally permeating the local community. We have recently crossed the 15 000 user mark and it is thanks in part due to the amazing enthusiasm and efforts of our amazing ambassadors.