Engaging a new community

Post by Nokwanda Sihlali, Community Builder

My third week as a community builder and I was being put to the test yet again. I was tasked with visiting a community that Grassroot had not established any relationship with. I was excited by the challenge and it turned out to be quite productive and engaging.

I had a session with three women, with each one respectively being actively involved in one group or another in the community. They really took to it quite quickly, especially one who was more interested in seeing how people reply to a meeting request, as to quickly commit it to memory and show her group members at her burial society. She explained that this tool would be quite useful because unlike WhatsApp it does not discriminate on phone model and it is convenient for informing people about funerals details as she is the transport manager.  Another lady was quite enthused by the app that straight after having a 15min session with me she felt confident enough to teach her group members how to use it.

The most part of the app they liked most, though, was joining code. They all created groups and saw that straight after creating a group they received a joining code, which they fervently wrote down and disseminated to the other members within the crèche. An impromptu workshop proceeded within one of the classrooms, voices crowded over one another in an attempt to fit one’s question in and learn more about the app. This is a community we’re hoping to work closely with, so such an enthusiastic response was a great way to start.