We have modernised the way we call our meetings now!”

Having been at Grassroot for three months now, I have moved from just swimming in murky waters to understanding and evolving within my role as community builder. Independently I have held workshops and made numerous community visits to several communities.

However, from a newly forged partnership with the Centre for Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) the most intriguing community visit had to be the one to Marikana. The CSVR is active in trying to ensure that communities are “peaceful, equal and free of violence”. Having engaged one of the CSVR Community Practitioners, Modiegi, Grassroot was asked by CSVR to train their community change agents, also referred to as Community Psychosocial supporters (CPS) on how to use the app. 

Marikana is an environment doused in a heavy aura - we felt it intensely at the “koppie” - having been etched in our memories as a site where the worst act of police brutality against workers had occurred in post-Apartheid South Africa. It is when you are faced with such unequivocal poverty that you really see the use and need of this app.

We had a workshop with the Marikana change agents and they felt as that the platform would assist them greatly in organising the community for CSVR focussed events, such as commemorating “World Torture Day”, community dialogues, etc. instead of the usual methods they used such as going door to door to recruit attendees for their events.

This is a partnership we hope will continue to flourish and remain solidified in making a social impact through the coming months.