#LiveWire GP Patrollers Forum - We want our jobs back


The GP Patrollers Forum was formed in 2014 when all 6000 of the province's scholar patrollers were summarily dismissed by the Department of Education, despite having received training from the Department. The Forum was convened by those of the patrollers, numbering about 1000, who want their jobs back - as permanent employees and not the 'volunteers' they had been.

In this effort, the General Industrial Workers Union of SA (GIWUSA) has offered some assistance insofar as getting their case lodged at the Labour Court. Organisers of the Forum sought additional help from the Casual Workers' Advice Office in Germiston, particularly with respect to publicizing their case to the media, which is where they were introduced to Grassroot. The organisers' tool is especially suited to their needs since most of the patrollers carry basic cell phones and they have quickly understood its utility. From first introduction to the first meeting they called a week thereafter, using Grassroot, attendance improved dramatically. But most impressive for the patrollers was the results of publicizing the meeting via the LivewireSA application.

They received calls from journalists inquiring about their case and from the Gauteng Department of Community Safety, which appears to have been apprised of their initiative by the media. After three years of failed promises and dejected unemployment, this sudden interest in their case has seen a marked improvement in their morale and they are proceeding confidently with plans to 'return to duty' in the new year.

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