Ambassador feedback get implemented on to the platform


As communities make use of the Grassroot platform, their needs naturally change from time to time, triggering evolution in user behavior. It is for this reason that we meet up with our Grassroot ambassadors that are based in the communities that are serviced by the platform. This happens on a monthly basis with plans to cut the time lapses in half for the coming year.

These interactions have led more in depth insight on how to develop the platform in a manner that will best suit the user communities. We have been also been able to discover why some features are more popular than others. 


We are happy to announce some of the new features that come courtesy of Grassroot ambassadors. Organizers of multiple groups often struggle with join codes and figuring out which join code belongs to which group, especially on USSD.

  • Mondli Msani of Thembelihle in Lenasia suggested an item on the USSD menu that lets Grassroot send you a list of your groups along with the join codes via SMS (option 6 under the My Groups menu item).
  • Phulani Khulu of Mnadini in Tshepisong West mentioned that a large majority of their meetings are held at the same location. Under the call meeting item, the user can add a frequently used location by reply with the number 1 to save time.

The Act menu item has also been revamped. Group organizers can now request different types of actions to be performed by their constituencies. The organizer can now request an action to be performed by the whole group or request volunteers. He/she can now request information for data collection purposes. Users can add the home addresses or T-shirt sizes or user IDs for particular programs.

Access Grassroot by dialling *134*1994# on your mobile device (cellular rates do not apply), downloading the Grassroot Android app on the Google Playstore or accessing our web app at

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