#LiveWire Community Relocated in Kliptown

" I have eight children and we are all crammed in a one roomed corrugated iron shack. The government has failed me because I have been waiting for my RDP house for more than 10 years ". These are the words of the 60 year old Phindile Sangweni from Kliptown, one of the old townships andinformal settlement in Soweto.

This comes after some of the residents were  recently relocated to the newly builtRDP houses in extension eleven. According to Sangweni, her application was approved earlier this year. " I was very happy when I received a letter from the housing departmentsaying that my house had beenfinally approved,".

However, when Sangweni went to fetchthe keys she was told her name is still on the waiting list. " I went to the officials and some lady had an attitude and refused to her my problem. I think they have favouritism because other people did receive their houses,"

Sipho Tyatyi who is a community leader said that they had 44 houses. " We have managed to move 24 people at this momentwill take another 20 tomorrow morning. We had a meeting with those who are complaining and they were told that the should wait because our focus is still at Angola. Kliptown has two demarcations which are Ward 17 and 19," said Tyantyi.'

Another resident ,Thadelise Tholo (64) was very excited and happy to be relocated" I very happy because a lot is going to change. We are going to be able to live like normal people with proper sanitation.