Mondli Msani reflects on Grassroot Ambassadorship

Mondli is a Grassroot Ambassador and part of the Thembelihle Crisis Committee's (TCC) executive committee. TCC is a community based non-profit organisation that focuses on socio-economic issues such as access to water, electricity and housing.

"Being an ambassador and doing outreach has done a great deal for me", says Mondli. "Going out to other communities during outreach made me realize how similar our struggles are. I have also been able to observe how they tackle the same issues that we go through and borrow some ideas for our own solutions".

He also went on to elaborate on how the Grassroot platform has been used internally within his organisation.

  • It is being used as the primary platform for organizing meetings with crisis committees in neighboring areas such as Precast, Lawley and Soweto.
  • Assisted with campaigning during the Ward Commitee elections
  • The organisation's Grassroot Extra account also helped disseminate findings that came out of social audits that were recently conducted partnership with Plan Act
 Mondli outside his shack in Thembelihle

Mondli outside his shack in Thembelihle