Grassroot ambassador Zwelibanzi Vanyaza hepls SPCDF get the most out of the platform

Zweli, as he is commonly known is hails from Slovo Park informal settlement next to Eldorado Park in Soweto. The community there is faced with various challenges from housing to electricity to service delivery. However, not all the residents have given in to their circumstances and that has led to the formation of the Slovo Park Community Development Forum (SPCDF). 

SPCDF meets on a weekly basis, discusses and takes action on all avenues and opportunities that seek to improve the quality of life for the residents of Slovo Park.

"First of all, no one can say that they were not aware of any meeting anymore", says Zweli, reflecting on how Grassroot has improved communication amongst the members and community in general. "We use the the platform to organize soccer tournaments as an extra mural activity for the children in the community and it was instrumental in mobilizing people to attend computer classes at the Eldorado Park job center.