#LiveWire House allocation challenges in Motsoaledi

A process of relocating residents of the Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement, next to the Baragwanath hospital in Soweto to their new RDP houses started a while ago. About half the number of shacks that used to occupy this occupy this stretch of land land have now been eradicated. "That however is not reflective of the progress that has been made with regards to the allocation of houses here in Motsoaledi", utters leadership within the Inkanyezi community organization, based in that very community. "What happens when they move people to those houses is that they move all the people that lived in the yard where the C form holder used to live so one ends up with 10 families on one  stand".

To make sense of the statement, "10 families on one stand", one will have to understand how things are structured in this particular informal settlement. The first set off settlers demarcated themselves plots of land around which one would build their shack then fencing it therefore creating yards. By the time the second set of settlers arrived, all of the land was already occupied so they built their shacks in other people's demarcated "yards". Others charge rent for cohabitation and others don't and by default, a tenant, landlord situation has arisen.

The method used to label people within the dweller hierarchy in Motsoaledi is that the first set of settlers, the ones who were there when demarcations took place are known as dweller "A", the first person to settle in a yard that has already been occupied by someone else becomes dweller "B", the next one is "C" and so on. In the typical scenario, dweller "A" is the one that is likely to have a C-form. A C-form is a document that is issued out as proof that a person is registered on the RDP house waiting list.

How the houses are being allocated so far is that dweller "A" gets allocated their new home and the others within that yard follow suit. The property belongs to dweller "A", "B" and the rest relocate their shacks and the same situation as in the squatter camp get recreated.

Inkanyezi is asking for a process that will assist the "B", "C" and other dwellers to obtain their own C-forms so they get to be on the list and await allocation for their own homes. As it stands, the Elias Motsoaledi informal settlement is without electricity or sanitation, people with generators and solar panels charge a fee for people who want to get their phones charged and there are about 10 mobile toilets across the community that were deployed after Inkanyezi engaged with government several times.