Freedom Park residents take to the streets as last resort

After handing in a memorandum to Chief Albert Luthuli house chief of staff, Babylon Xeketwana on the 20th of March this year, the Freedom Park backyard dwellers association proceeded as indicated in the memorandum and occupied a nearby piece of land next to the Golden Highway, referred to as Enkomponi.

On April 4th, the backyard dwellers were driven out the land that they had previously identified as available by SAPS as well as JMPD officers using teargas and rubber bullets and shacks that were constructed on that land were confiscated.

When no one in government was willing engage them, they reached out to media. Several meeting requests went out on the Grassroot platform inviting the public to media briefings where none of the invitees from media houses bothered to pitch, including a picket outside one of the country's biggest media houses. In their last effort to get government attend to housing and land access challenge that they face, the Freedom park backdwellers have resorted to barricading the Golden Highway as well as the intersection between the N12 and N1 national highways. Similar protests have since erupted in Eldorado Park, Ennerdale and Lawley.