Ebumnandi - Tshepisong West, a forgotten land.

Ebumnandini is an informal settlement situated in the west of Tshepisong, Ward 128, City of Johannesburg. The community was established 18 years ago and is made up primarily of shacks with a few brick houses here and there. The land has been divided into stands but residents are not allowed to erect any structures on as it has not been proclaimed yet and those that have, have been made aware that they are doing so at their own risk.

Despite the proclamation issue, the municipality has built toilets for each and every individual stand. The kind of toilets that have been built are in the form of pits which have to be drained on a regular basis. There is an entire section of the neighborhood whose toilets never get drained and it was recently established but members of the community whose toilets get drained that the people who carry out this service will not bother until a certain fee is handed to them.

Other issues that have been raised is that electricity supply is highly irregular therefore residents find themselves in the dark especially during the winter period during a time when everybody gets back from work and cooking has to be done.