Rights and power discussion groups: Kliptown

On Staurday the 24th of June, the Grassroot team held a discussion group on participatory governance with Kliptown community members along with community leader, Sandile Mqhayi.

They expressed their frustrations regarding the various things that are happening in their community and lack of trust in the institutions that they can escalate some of these matters to. We looked at the constitution, particularly section 26 to understand what it says about housing and whether what is happening is in accordance with it. We also looked at  the Municipal Systems act so they can have a guideline as how to approach this issue as it seems to be the most urgent.

We also looked at section 16 of the constitution and discussed what kind of rights the is entitled to and how it applies to protest action and how to conduct peaceful, non-violent marches. Lastly we looked at what action can be taken by community members to ensure they are subject to the same quality of life that their counterparts in developed communities enjoy.