#LiveWireSA Tshepisong in urgent need of a police station

Tshepisong, City of Joburg, Ward 128 is in a long standing battle with criminal activity in the community. The situation has intensified recently with spree of murders, suspected to be in relation is robbery. 8 people have been murdered in a single week, 6 of them suspected to be the action of the same person or group of people.

Together with the neighboring communities of Vlakfontein and Swaneville, Tshepisong relies on the services of Kagiso police station which is about 5.8 kilometers away with only one van dedicated to it. Community memebers allege that police never show up at times when called, they often cite safety as a reason for not showing up, especially in instances where they feel like they will be outnumbered.

An even bigger problem is that criminals from Tshepisong are usually released without charge. There is a prosecutor in the Kagiso magistrates court who is suspected to be taking bribes from arrested perpatrators. When community members follow up on cases at the police station, they are told that the cases have been dismissed in court and there is nothing that the police can do about that.

Community leaders are currently draffting a memorandum tabling a list of demands including a police station or at least a sattelite in the mean time and an audit on the activities of Kagiso magistrate's court.