#LiveWireSA Dali Mpofu informal settlement evictees, still without legal representation


Residents of Dali Mpofu informal settlement, located between Section 7, Ivory Park and Extension 5, Tembisa were violently evicted by the Red Ant Security Relocation and Eviction Services (Red Ants) and the Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) on May 22nd 2017. This eviction resulted in one fatality and several injuries. Residents have reported that apart from having their shacks demolished, some of their belongings, including money have been stolen. It is also alleged that the Red Ants chased the land occupiers into nearby homes and followed them inside people's yards then assaulted people with crowbars and mugged one of the residents, demanding her cellphone and cash. 


Dali Mpofu informal settlement was first occupied in December 2016 in an EFF led effort. In January 2017, a non EFF splinter group occupied a different portion of the same stretch of land. After Dali Mpofu residents were evicted on May 22nd, another wave of evictions occurred on July 22nd and the court order to evict them was only obtained the following day on the 23rd of July. 

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A murder case has opened for the death of Simon Mabunda, whose assault by the red Ants was captured on camera. He met his untimely death a week later on May 31st. Compensation is also sought for the repatriation of his body back to his home country of Mozambique. Community activists seeking justice for Simon Mabunda and the evictees who pleaded with Metro Police and Red Ants for time to make alternative arrangements but instead had their shacks demolished the same day that they were told that they would have to leave, even though most had already left for work and were not around to safeguard their belongings during this ordeal are still without legal assistance.

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