Grassroot builds with its users: community groups and social movements that might have use for the tools and solutions we build. We have almost a dozen such partners around South Africa. For the most part we keep their names private, given the work they do, but they inculde:


We have benefited enormously from the advice, facilities and technical support from:


We have been the recipients of donations in kind and in financial resources from other organizations. Through Code for SA, we are part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate program, providing us with $1,000 in credits for our server infrastructure. We have been fortunate to receive a range of discounted and free services from various technology companies under their non-profit and open-source programs. These include donated licenses for GitHub, Slack,, JIRA (from Atlassian), IntelliJ (our Java IDE), and JProfiler (the Java profiler).


Technical partnerships

Globally, Grassroot has been fortunate enough to connect with a growing community of organizations pursuing similar goals in other countries. This has enabled it to draw on experience and expertise from both the developed (US, Europe) and developing world (other countries in Africa, as well as India and Latin America). This included our participation in an online course on "citizen engagement", run by the GovLab.